Measure ID

Percentage of pediatric surgical cases with a post transfusion hemoglobin or hematocrit value greater than or equal to 10 g/dL or 30%

Measure Type
Measure Time Period

90 minutes before the last intraoperative transfusion to 18 hours after Anesthesia End


Patients  ≥ 6 months to 18 years of age who receive a transfusion of red blood cells intraoperatively

  • ASA 6
  • Patients < 6 months and ≥ 18 years of age
  • Cardiac Procedures
  • Obstetric Procedures
  • Massive Transfusion or blood loss: Defined as volume of 40mL/kg
  • Cases where the ‘Measure End Time’ precedes ‘Measure Start Time’ will be excluded and marked 'invalid'
Success Criteria

Hematocrit value documented ≤ 30% and/or hemoglobin value documented ≤ 10 g/dL

Other Measure Details
  • All hemoglobin/hematocrit lab values drawn after the last transfusion and within 18 hours after anesthesia end will be evaluated. If the lowest of these values is ≤10g/dL or ≤30%, the case will pass.
  • If no Hgb/Hct checked within 18 hours after Anesthesia End time, the case will fail
  • If the hemoglobin or hematocrit at the time of the last transfusion (within 90 minutes before) is less than or equal to 8/24, the case will pass.
Provider Attribution

Provider(s) who administered blood product

MPOG Concept Used

Blood Products

  • 10489   Packed Red Blood Cells- Autologous
  • 10490   Packed Red Blood Cells- Homologous
  • 10492   Whole Blood- Homologous
  • 10616   Packed Red Blood Cells- Unknown Type
  • 10617   Whole Blood- Unknown Type
  • 10618   Categorized Note- Blood Products
  • 10499   EBL

Point of Care Testing 

  • 3415     POC-Blood gas-Hct measured
  • 3435     POC- hematocrit spun
  • 3440     POC- Coulter counter- Hemoglobin
  • 3450     POC- Coulter counter- Hematocrit
  • 5081     POC- Blood gas- Hemoglobin

Formal Labs

  • 5005     Formal lab- Hemoglobin
  • 5006     Formal lab- Hematocrit
  • 5038     Formal lab- Blood gas- Hct measured
  • 5080     Formal lab- Blood gas- Hemoglobin
Measure Authors

 Measure Author


 Meridith Wade, MSN, RN

 University of Michigan

 Jay Jeong

 University of Michigan

 MPOG Pediatric Subcommittee



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Next Review: 2025
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Published Date: 04/2022
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