QI Measures

Measures Measure Type Date Published Date Revised Toolkit
Acute Kidney Injury
AKI-01: Acute Kidney Injury
Blood Pressure
BP-01: Low MAP Prevention < 55
BP-02: Avoiding Monitoring Gaps
BP-03: Low Map Prevention < 65
BP-05: Low MAP Avoidance < 55, Induction
FLUID-01-NC: Minimizing Colloid Use (Non-Cardiac)
Glucose Management
GLU-01: High Glucose Treated, Intraop
GLU-02: Low Glucose Treated, Intraop
GLU-03: High Glucose Treated, Periop
GLU-04: Low Glucose Treated, Periop
GLU-05: Escalated High Glucose Treated
Medication Overdose
MED-01: Avoiding Medication Overdose
MORT-01: 30 Day Post-Op In-Hospital Mortality Rate
Myocardial Injury
CARD-02: Myocardial Infarction
CARD-03: Myocardial Infarction, High Risk Patients
Neuromuscular Monitoring
NMB-01: Train of Four Taken
NMB-02: Reversal Administered
Pain Management
OPIOID: Opioid Equivalency
PAIN-02: Multimodal Analgesia
Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting
PONV-01: PONV Prophylaxis: Adults (Old)
PONV-03: Postoperative Nausea or Vomiting Outcome
PONV-05: PONV Prophylaxis: Adults
PUL-01: Protective Tidal Volume, 10 mL/kg PBW
PUL-02: Protective Tidal Volume, 8 mL/kg PBW
PUL-03: Administration of PEEP
Smoking Cessation
SMOK-01: Smoking Tobacco Status Documentation
SMOK-02: Smoking Tobacco Cessation Intervention
SUS-01: Fresh Gas Flow, less than or equal to 3L/min
SUS-02: Global Warming Footprint, Maintenance
SUS-03: Global Warming Footprint, Induction
SUS-04: Fresh Gas Flow, less than or equal to 2L/min
TEMP-01: Thermoregulation Vigilance - Active Warming
TEMP-02: Thermoregulation Monitoring - Core Temperature
TEMP-03: Perioperative Hypothermia
Transfer of Care
TOC-01: Intraoperative Transfer of Care
TOC-02: Postoperative Transfer of Care to PACU
TOC-03: Postoperative Transfer of Care to ICU
TRAN-01: Transfusion Management Vigilance
TRAN-02: Overtransfusion
ABX-01-OB: Antibiotic Timing for Cesarean Delivery
BP-04-OB: SBP < 90 in Cesarean Deliveries
GA-01-OB: General Anesthesia During Cesarean Deliveries
GA-02-OB: General Anesthesia after Neuraxial in Cesarean Deliveries
GA-03-OB: General Anesthesia Administered after Epidural for Cesareans
TEMP-05-OB: Hypothermia in Cesarean Deliveries
FLUID-02-Peds: Minimizing Colloid Use, Pediatrics
NMB-03-Peds: NMB Dosing, Pediatrics
PAIN-01-Peds: Multimodal Analgesia, Pediatrics
PONV-02: PONV Prophylaxis (Old): Pediatrics
PONV-04-Peds: PONV Prophylaxis: Pediatrics
SUS-05-Peds: Nitrous Avoided, Induction
TEMP-04-Peds: Intraoperative Normothermia, Pediatrics
TRAN-03-Peds: Transfusion Vigilance, Pediatrics
TRAN-04-Peds: Overtransfusion, Pediatrics
FLUID-01-C: Minimizing Colloid Use (Cardiac)
GLU-06-CARD: Hyperglycemia Management, Open Cardiac
TEMP-06-CARD: Hypothermia Avoidance in Cardiac Surgery
TEMP-07-CARD: Hyperthermia Avoidance in Cardiac Surgery